Furniture Cleaning and Repair

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Are spent on the couch in the average American household. You wash P.J.’s after you sleep in them but whens the last time you threw your couch in to the washing machine?

Keeping your furniture not only looking and smelling cleaning but bacteria free is easy with the help of Clean N Dry Today.
Not every fabric is created equal.  That’s why our Trusted and Professionally Trained Technicians use different cleaning techniques based on your furniture’s fabric. When cleaning furniture we first make sure the furniture is water safe. Once determined it is cleanable with our process our technicians spray a specially formulated Enzyme designed for furniture.  This Enzyme is designed to break up the dirt and bring it to the surface while killing dust mites, pet dander and allergens.  Once this is done the Clean N Dry Today Technicians do a Deep Hot Steam Cleaning.  Once every side, pillow, layer, and arm is clean and smelling fresh we start the drying process with our state of the art Dri-pod technology.  I mean what good is a clean couch if its wet and you can’t lay on it?!

Once everything is Clean we recommend protecting your investment with 100% Authentic Scotchgard™, and Sanitizing your Carpet.  Most manufactures recommend sanitizing your furniture every 12 months and reapplying Scotchgard™ every 12 to 24 months.

Sanitizing:  Our cleaning process kills dust mites, pet dander and allergens but we recommend sanitizing your furniture.  Using a sanitizer after your cleaning will further increase killing bacteria and odor causing issues you can’t see. These odors and bacteria’s are often found more so in homes with kids and/or animals from food dropping and potty accidents.

Scotchgard™ Most Carpet(s) come pretreated with Scotchgard™ from the mill but it is wear dated, and regular wear and tear along with spot cleaning, vacuuming and professional cleanings remove some or all of the mill sprayed Scotchgard™ making your carpet more acceptable to spots and stains.  Scotchgard™ recommends reapplying after every professional cleaning or every 24 months.

All our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% Satisfied with our Performance, you can call us back within 14 days and we’ll come back and re-clean any area of concern.