Pressure Washing Services


The need for power washing, aka pressure washing, sneaks up on you as debris, soils, and the damp conditions lend to mildew and mold growth. Our porous concretes, siding, stucco, and wood need a little help from time-to-time in removing these growing spores that may look like dirt to the eye, but are really live organisms slowly growing into the surfaces…

This growth, left un-managed, actually decreases the lifespan of your decks, driveways, home exteriors, fences, and roofs.

Our unique process is more than just spraying HIGH pressure water on everything.  In fact in some case (pavers, wood decks, and fence) we do what is called a LOW pressure cleaning.  Whether we are doing High or Low Pressure Cleaning we start by first applying an antimicrobial pre-spray.  This does two things.  First it breaks up the dirt and mildew so that the pressure cleaning is more affective and second it prohibits the regrowth of mold and mildew making your property look better for longer.  Making the need for pressure washing less often.

We’re happy to discuss your particular situation and bring your home’s concrete and wood back to it’s best!

Once everything (Wood, Pavers, Concrete, ect) is cleaned, a sealer is appropriate in some cases. We use a water impregnating sealer with a 10 year warranty, again making the need for pressure cleaning LESS often!

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Our professional technicians inspect your Home or Office Concrete, Wood, Vinyl, Stucco and the like, then use the safe, appropriate and method to receive the BEST Results