Tile and Grout


Keeping your tile clean, is the easy part… Now the grout that’s a different story!  But don’t worry our trained technicians using our unique Deep Steam Cleaning process will make your tile & grout look new again!!

We start by applying a specially formulated High PH tile cleaner (we typically don’t use acids do to the smell and dangers of etching stainless steel)  to the surface.  This special pretreat is designed to break up the dirt and bring it the surface.  Once this is done our technician agate the grout lines to ensure perfection.  After agitating and letting the formula dwell we start the cleaning process with our powerful truckmount system (we never use portable machines).  Our truckmount system sprays 200+ degree water at roughly 800 psi directly at the grout and tile while simultaneously extracting the water. Leaving nothing behind but clean and Dry, Tile & Grout.

Once everything is clean we highly recommend sealing the grout with either a Clear Seal or Color Seal.

Option I:  Clear Seal, is like Scotchgard™ for grout.  It will help keep the dirt and spills on the surface making cleaning easier and stains less likely to set in.  It’s not bullet proof but defiantly makes maintenance a lot easier and keeps your grout looking the color it should for a lot longer.

Option II: Color Seal, unlike Clear Seal makes your Grout 100% water proof and almost impossible to stain as long as you wipe up spills when they happen.  Another benefit to Color Seal is the ability to change your grout color to one of 12 different colors.  Contact us today for pricing and to a sample of what your kitchen, bathroom, or any room could look like with a different colored grout.