Window Washing


Who likes cleaning windows?!  We do and we are great at it! Large picture windows, storm windows or even the most recent dual-paned windows. Inside and out, we can leave you streak free and with fresh views into the beautiful landscape we live in! Our professional service process, used for our commercial customers, is exactly the way we approach residences.

In a 3 stage method, we begin with a safety scraper to clean dirt, paint flecking, or debris from your windows. Next we wash and scrub each window with our eco-friendly non-surfactant solution for windows. As each window-pane is cleaned, we squeegee behind to dry and prevent drips or streaks. Finally, we use a clean cloth to make sure that all window ledges and sills are dry and clean. We leave you with shining & clean windows- an excellent addition to clean floors!

For those who want year-round, clean windows- we offer a scheduled service. Every month, 8 weeks, or quarterly. You can combine scheduled floor cleanings with this service for added savings.