Wood Floors and Solid Surfaces


Wood floors can be stunningly beautiful and are a good choice for allergy sufferers, and those who appreciate the charm of wood grain in interior design. Also, for those who prefer solid surface flooring but have bad knees and/or young children, wood flooring provides a softer alternative to concrete, tile, stone, or marble.

The benefits of wood are great, and like any liveable flooring, wood floors need to be maintained, cleaned, and protected to enjoy them at their best.  Family traffic, wear and tear is unavoidable, but keeping up with wood floors yearly is a good rule of thumb.

Many cleaners have very limited experience in wood. Make sure your choice knows that not all wood floors are treated the same.  It’s important to have a professional determine the type of wood, porosity, and plan for your specific floors to make sure the cleaning process doesn’t strip what it shouldn’t and create saturation, mildew, and erosion of your wood floors

In most cases our Trained Professionals use special wood cleaners that break down the layer of grunge and buildup on top that collects over time. Then they can apply a thin layer of water based polyurethane to give you even more protection and shine.  Though cleaning will not remove scratch and gouges it can fill them in and help cover them giving you a uniform shine and make them sparkle.